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    • Reflections from Marty Cooper
      The “father of the cellular phone,” Marty Cooper takes us back to 1973 when he and his team of engineers at Motorola developed the DynaTAC, & shares the story of placing the world’s first portable cell phone call to his rival at Bell Laboratories to tell him […]
    • Mobile Commerce: On the Verge to Splurge
      The future is full of fantastic promise for m:commerce, but what's it going to take to really ignite this capability. CTIA WIRELESS 2008® educational session moderator Karen Webster talks about the obstacles, challenges, and long-term prospects for success. […]
    • Wireless Industry Policy Hot Topics
      CEO for Centennial Communications Corp., Michael Small, and CTIA VP for State and External Affairs, Dane Snowden, discuss relevant hot button issues in the wireless industry and which policies they think will best spur continued growth, innovation and evoluti […]
    • The Role of State Regulation in a Mobile World
      In a society where consumers regularly bring their devices across state and national boundaries, we ask Wisconsin State Representative Phil Montgomery what role states should play in regulating modern wireless services. […]
    • Andy Seybold Explains the Ever-Changing Wireless Landscape
      The Dean of Andrew Seybold Wireless University tells us what`s changed and what's still to come in today`s wireless industry. […]
    • Top Ten Moment #1 - The First Commerical Celluar Call
      CTIA President & CEO, Steve Largent, reflects on the early days of wireless and shares his thoughts about how this milestone moment in U.S. wireless history helped shape the industry into the competitive, innovative, and economic powerhouse it is today. […]
    • Global Mobile Markets Does the U.S. Measure Up?
      The mobile ecosystem is exploding across the globe, but when compared with telecom services in Europe and Asia, is the U.S. leading or lagging behind? Top industry analysts and technology experts discuss competition, consumer choice, and service in the wireless […]
    • CTIA Chief Steve Largent Tours the Wireless World
      As CTIA's industry-leading tradeshow kicks-off in Las Vegas, Nevada we check-in with Steve Largent to find out how the wireless marketplace has changed and how these changes could influence wireless public policy. […]
    • Economic Need for Network Management
      Phoenix Center economist George Ford talks about its recent paper on the welfare aspects of network management. It apprises the harm to consumers & service providers that will result if inflexible government mandates are imposed on much-needed relief of broadband traffic congestion. […]
    • Wireless Innovation at the Network Edge and Core
      What’s the scale and scope of innovation in the mobile wireless industry? Paul Reddick, CEO of Handmark, Inc., examines the environment for innovation in the U.S. and discusses how wireless industry business models are evolving to reflect technology trends at the core and edge of the network. […]